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2019/20 Bonspiel Dates:

Peace Curling Tour Cashspiel
October 25-27

MS Funspiel
January 31-February 1

Mercer Pulpspiel
February 14 - 16

February 28 - March 1

March 13 - 14

Closing Doubles
March 20 - 21 (organizer needed)



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Seeking Bar Manager for 2019/20 Seaso



The Peace River Curling Club is currently seeking a Bar Manager for the 2019/20 curling season (October 2019 to March 2020). Duties include ordering and stocking alcohol and snacks, cleaning, and organizing bartenders for bonspiels and private parties. The full job description is below. Groups wanting to share the work are also encouraged to apply.

To apply, please email your resume to The deadline to apply is August 15, 2019. All applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors before a decision is made.


Job Description

Manage alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, supplies and snacks throughout the season.  Management includes ordering and transporting all items, and stocking shelves at the club.  Larger orders are needed during bonspiels throughout the season.

Supply grocery and alcohol as needed during all major events.

Schedule and manage bar staff during bonspiels (5 per year), rentals/Christmas parties (3 per year) and Districts (1 per year).

Keep the bar clean - includes washing dishes, dishcloths and towels when needed.

Take bottles to bottle depot regularly.

Take cardboard to recycle bin.

Manage financials for the bar, including doing bank deposits every few weeks and after major events, and maintaining a float in the till.

Weekly cash outs
                    a) ”Z” out the till and print out the slips for the week
                    b) replenish the float as needed (extra coin etc.)
                            c) Cash dropped into the safe (or we can setup night deposits, so the bar manager can do weekly deposits themselves)
                            d) Print out all the POS system daily deposits for Monday, possibly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

                          a)”Z” out the till and print out the slips for the week before the bonspiel starts
                          b) zero out the till and do up the deposit (or safe drop) for weekly sales
                          c) Print out all the POS system daily deposits for Monday, possibly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
                          d) Ensure there is enough change for the bonspiel for the weekend
                          e) Pull cash from the till on multiple days during the bonspiels (or have it dropped in the safe) so there isn’t excess cash sitting in the till

Beginning of the year: 
-Schedule cooler and ice box start up maintenance
-Make first alcohol order
-Ensure adequate float is available
-Stock all groceries and snacks

End of year:
-Return unopened cases of alcohol for refund
-Sell remaining opened cases at discount. Do not sell unopened cases.
-Unplug and clean out coolers, ice box and popcorn machine
-Take in remaining bottles and recycling
-Final deposit

For health inspector:
-Pest records must be kept including a written record of all pest control measure used 
-Rusty freezer must be replaced
-Bar must be cleaned after each use
-All food equipment must be cleaned after use


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